It Has Been Awhile

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. G has Alzheimer’s. I noticed it several years ago in very subtle changes and it has advanced pretty much as the research told me to expect. I won’t go into all that but I wanted those of you who have taken an interest in this little blog to know what is happening. I haven’t written because the blog was a joint endeavor and, when she could no longer participate, I wasn’t comfortable continuing alone. Besides, those first four or five posts say everything that needs saying.

Please know that there is a lot of her still here for both her and me to enjoy but it is sad to see it slip away. I cherish what is left and try to keep her feeling safe and comfortable, loved and appreciated. It is sometimes difficult to step in when she is just not able to do the things she has always done without seeming arrogant or dismissive or disrespectful of her. She is fragile. Dealing with medical issues and Doctors’ visits is extremely difficult.

Even so, she has retained her wonderful sense of humor. She can clearly recall things that happened long ago as well as or better than I. In stores and Doctors Offices, she finds ways to compliment strangers about their children or their clothing or their hair style and they always respond well. Her social skills are intact. Early in the blog, we wrote about the advantages of having a shared history so that we have shared memories. There are no parts of our lives when we were not together. That is very important now. I wish it for all of you.

Even though G is ill, she is still my sweetheart and the light of my life. We enjoyed all the phases of our life together and this one is no different. She enjoys my attention and my sense of humor and I, hers’. The emotion I feel most is, of course, sadness. I miss those elements of her that are already gone so I try to focus on the ones that remain. She is still quite sexual. She has not lost those skills nor her enthusiasm for using them and I have not lost my appreciation of those skills or my enthusiasm for them.

I have little time to write these days but, I will continue to look forward to hearing from you. My email is Thanks for your kind words. The only thing I have to offer, now, is my wish that you have a wonderful life.

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