The Post Covid Post

The blog is attracting readers from all over the world and I appreciate the consistent and, apparently, diverse readership.  Your comments are always welcome because, without them, I don’t really know who you are or what you are looking for.  If leaving a public comment is uncomfortable for you, you can always email me at ““.  Whatever you write will be between us and I will respond as quickly as possible.  

The essence of this blog is contained in the first four posts so, if this is your first visit, scroll down to them.  I promise you that they will not be like anything you have found on the subject of living a sexually successful life.  Those four posts will show you a whole new way to see things – and will hopefully open a slew of new possibilities for you and your partner.  G and I hope they help.

As I write this, G and I have both had two shots of Moderna vaccine and are slowly re-entering the world around us.  We are wearing masks of course and maintaining the proper social distancing but we can now walk into stores and restaurants we have avoided for more than a year.  We can now leisurely browse the shelves of the grocery store and actually pick out our own produce.  What we are finding – both within ourselves and in those familiar faces we have sorely missed and who are also venturing out for the first time – is a strange new energy.  A sense of wonder.  A deeper appreciation.  A tremendous sense of relief and release.  

And, along with the freedom to move around again, we’re finding ourselves bound by schedules and appointments – something that we just haven’t had to deal with very much while sequestered.  We’re catching up on doctors visits, getting the cars inspected and serviced, the tires rotated, replacing things that broke or wore out and all those little things that were not quite worth the risk before.  The simple truth is that we’ve been living like college students and have become accustomed to it.  Comfortable with it.  Reluctant to give it up.  

Part of that, I’m sure, is the fact that Spring is moving into this part of the world.  Out here in the North Carolina forest, the birds are singing, the squirrels are playing “catch me- catch me”, the sun is warm on my skin and the rain has a new and familiar softness as it falls lightly on my bald spot.  I am looking forward to that very short one or two-day period when the young leaves are translucent and the sunshine through them and reflecting off them gives the whole world a fresh green glow. It has a magic quality.

Part of coming out of the pandemic and escaping the pandemic mentality requires some retrospective.  A year ago, G and I went into this very strange experience with a history of depending on each other and working together.  We knew how to entertain ourselves and each other.  We are friends. We have senses of humor that overlap so we can laugh together.  We share a mutual respect and admiration.  We have either smoothed the rough edges or we have learned to enjoy them.  

Last night, as we were in bed listening to Cannonball Adderly in the dark, we wondered how couples who don’t have those positive elements in their relationships – and were unable to create them – have faired.  A year of togetherness would be a hard road for those who have not embraced the relationship.  It’s going to be fascinating to see how all the waves and ripples this period of time have generated will play out over time.  We hope you guys made it through and came out with some wonderful memories.    

And, finally, I had a red sports car while G and I were dating back in High school.  It was old and British and pretty much a piece of junk but it was fun.  So, a couple of weeks ago for my 79th birthday, we bought ourselves another one.  This one is a bit newer and Japanese which means it is safe and reliable and great fun to drive.  Of course, it’s a convertible. And of course, it’s red.  

Thanks for checking back in.  

2 thoughts on “The Post Covid Post

  1. I have always wanted to drive a red convertible, but I’ve always been the person who is more worried about the family having a safe reliable vehicle big enough for all of us and the dog than getting something sexy to drive. So I’ve always driven the “family car” instead. I never had an adulthood where I wasn’t cohabitating (or “nesting”) with one or more partners except for a year in grad school where I didn’t have a car at all.

    It’s been hard for my household. One of my partners and I are fighting, so we’ve had a real rough time not getting space from each other. On the other hand it forces us to face our problems and really double down on working them out because we know we have to see each other every day until forever. I started dating a third partner and we’re going great. Lots of fun sexual exploration between the three of us that are allosexual (my other partner is asexual) and trying to let go and trust each other. All three of our bodies are very different, so we’ve been getting to know what that’s like.


    1. The vaccine will give you some additional space to move around in which will help. I’m sure having more than one partner can complicate things. I hope things work out well for you.


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