The Mighty Hips of Joy Update

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Happily G is now almost three weeks with her new hip and is doing extremely well.  She is actually walking around like a normal person – which is wonderful to see after watching her hobble with that ruined old hip for months.  As you may recall, she was ready to schedule the hip replacement surgery a couple of months ago with another doctor before he came into the exam room without a mask complaining that “This Corvid 19 crap is messing up my surgery schedule”.  We had to ditch him.  Fortunately, with the help of friends, we found a better surgeon over in Greensboro, NC. 

The surgery went well. The hospital took every precaution to keep the pandemic away from patients and visitors so we are happy with both the process and the results.  She is controlling the pain with low doses of acetaminophen and we are doing her Physical Therapy routine together.  Three times a day – no excuses.  She can now take showers without any help – which is more a relief for her than for me – and I always greet her as she steps out with warm towels fresh from the dryer.  She loves that.  It makes her feel good.  She wraps them around herself and smiles.  It gives her pleasure and I enjoy giving her pleasure.  That’s what lovers do.

By the way, G has always gotten prickly skin when I touch her sexually.  I recently learned that the prickliness is called “emotional goosebumps” or “piloerections”.  Dr. Matthew Sachs in Biological Psychology (a little name dropping here) says that one of the personality traits associated with piloerections is “openness to experience”.  That’s my G.  

Take care of yourselves and be happy.  

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