Pandemic Thoughts and Observations

G and I are staying as safe as possible as the Corona Virus has begun to establish new ground here in the rural south.  I don’t know anyone who has the virus but I know someone who knows someone who has it so we’re down to just 2 degrees of separation.   We are avoiding places where people congregate and are wearing the best quality masks we can find when we have to be around the mouth breathers.   

We were set to go on a European River Cruise in April and had planned a couple of cross-country road trips in the camper for this summer. We were going to visit the original sources of American music on one trip. The Clinch Mountains of Tennessee, then on to Nashville and Memphis. From Memphis, we were going to drive down Highway 61 through the Mississippi Delta to Louisiana. Then back up through Muscle Shoals. Traditional Appalachian Mountain music, bluegrass, Country, Blues, Jazz, Zydeco and Rock and Roll. The other cross-country was going to be a birding trip. Maybe someday!

These are odd times.  Scary but interesting to watch the true nature of my nation emerging under duress.  The ugly flaws are popping out. But, also, the strengths.  And, this conflict is playing out in the streets of our cities while a global pandemic is raging around us completely out of control.  That’s America.  You know how we are.

On a day-to-day personal level, G and I are doing well.  She is in a lot of pain from a worn out hip joint but is scheduled to receive a new one in about three weeks.  I told her she wore her hips out humping on me.  I’m amazed they have lasted as long as they did! They were strong and hungry hips.  Shaped perfectly.  Eager.  Always ready to roll up and slide me in.  A perfect fit.  I call them her “heavenly hips of joy”.  

Pain has severely limited her ability to move those heavenly hips of joy, though.  Her most comfortable position is stationary, flat on her back with her legs together.  Not the position of choice, for her.  Never was.  Luckily, she has always enjoyed my hands on her body as much as I enjoy putting them there so we spend time every night laying in bed, her head on my chest so that my left hand is free to move over her breasts.  It’s my seventeen-year-old-boy dream come true and I love it.  I put some interesting music on and light the candle and we listen and talk – and I touch her gently and get her perfume (Chanel # LickMyClit) on my hands so I can enjoy the fragrance and her warmth.  

We talk about all kinds of things but, as we have gotten older, we talk more about our life – the people we have known, the people we have been, the vehicles we’ve owned (I’m a car guy), places we’ve lived, friends we have left behind, pets we’ve shared our life with, times we were brave and times we were lucky and we realize how incredibly fortunate we were to have found each other and not fuck it up. 

Looking back on a lifetime is an interesting exercise.  We see a lifetime of choices – mostly made with far too little information.  Situations came at us out of the blue and, often, the things we hardly noticed are the things that have come to mean the most.  And, we’ve been incredibly lucky.  One of the things we are most grateful for is having our sexuality as a strong and constant factor in all those places and times and situations that came out of the blue.  Our sexuality has added a brightness and lightness to all of it and has become even more valuable as we have aged.  

Its not all laying there, talking and feeling of titties, though.  I can move around into positions that make me accessible but still comfortable for her, and she has invented a new experience for both of us.  She focuses her attention on my glans and the adjacent sweet meat until I am very close to having a pure orgasm and, at the perfect moment, she takes my dick deep in her mouth and holds it. She knows my responses – muscular, breathing patterns and the noises I am making – well enough to time that last move perfectly.  When she takes me in and pauses, it stops the orgasm.  After we have repeated that sequence four or five times and I just can’t take it anymore, the orgasm explodes.  It’s a different experience – a different rhythm.  Never felt anything like that before.

I’m 78, now, and she is almost 76 and we’re still finding new pleasures.  The people who tell you sex is for young folks and when you get old……well, you know.  Don’t let them lower your expectations.    

When G’s new hip is mended, I am going to pay some of that pleasure back.  I miss tasting her.   So does she.

Another subject:  We watched a Wanda Sykes performance on Netflix tonight.  We both like her very much.  One of her routines involved menopause and G and I talked about our experiences with her menopause – how we both perceived it, how it affected us.  It was really no big deal, at all.  She had hot flashes regularly but, aside from that, things were pretty much normal.  Of course, she gradually stopped getting instantly juicy and we used a lubricant for awhile until the aging process took away my ability to rise to any occasion and stand at attention for a long time.  After that, we found other ways to fuck.  

The point of telling you this is that, while she was having hot flashes, I had them, too.  Not as many as she had and not as intense but still very noticeable.  I wonder if the fact that we continued to have a lot of sex during her menopause – to exchange bodily fluids and aerosols and chemicals and electrical impulses – might have caused my hot flashes.  Have any of you has similar experiences with menopause?  

We have spent part of every evening for the last week trying to see comet Neowise.  We have been meeting friends shortly after dark at a big cemetery with a 360 degree low horizon but this is the season of thunderstorms every evening.  However, four nights ago, the silvery wisp popped out between two rain clouds long enough to give us a 15 second view through binoculars.  Smaller than I expected but brighter.  Two nights ago, (July 26, 2020), we saw it from our meadow here on the farm.  Very dim in the moonlight but visible.  

I am not religious but looking at the night sky always makes me aware that I am part of something much bigger than I can possibly comprehend.  Something that literally created me using the immutable commandments of science – physics, geometry, math, biology, all of it.  Is it all just a coincidence without meaning or purpose?  Maybe, but if it is, its one hell of a coincidence and it has meaning and purpose to me so I intend to enjoy it.  

Science also gives me hope of a form of eternal life because, in an infinite universe that lasts forever, it seems to me that everything that can possibly happen and every possible combination of things that can possibly happen, will happen an infinite number of times.  If that’s true, we will all be back here doing exactly this.  Gonna take awhile, though.   

Another subject:  I have been asked about the use of drugs to enhance sex.  My only drug experiences have been with alcohol and marijuana.  If I drink enough alcohol to affect what I’m doing, it makes me feel perfectly awful the next day so I tend to drink very lightly.  There have been times in my life when I had easy access to marijuana and G and I enjoyed it very much.  It focuses and intensifies food, music, movies and certainly sex.  Plus, it’s relaxing and enhances creativity.  If I am still alive when it is legalized here in the Bible-belt South, I will definitely keep some around.  

    Finally, G and I can look at the stats for this blog and tell how many of you visit it each day and how many of the installments you read.  We can also tell what countries you are from.  Most readers are from the United States and Canada but there are always a few from far away – Ireland, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Taiwan, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Viet Nam, United Arab Emirates, Norway, France, and Germany.  Most never comment or send emails, of course, so we have no real concept of who most of you are or what you are looking for.  You can always email us at  in confidence.  Anyway…whoever you are, we hope you find the blog useful and that you have a wonderful life. 

Take care.

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