A Sexual Life

G and I are lifelong birders.  That hobby has taken us all over the US and much of the world.  We were talking last night about a trip we made down to Lake Mattamuskeet to see the migrant waterfowl that spend the winters there.  On the way back, we spent the night in a rented room overlooking a small, privately owned marina.  It was an odd room – very long but really narrow.  The marina had cobbled it together to make a little extra money and put a sign out on the road.  The King-size bed was in front of the sliding glass door leading out to the private deck and the foot of the bed was so close to the door that it was difficult to pass through.  The bathroom was tiny and we had to lug the luggage up and down three flights of stairs.

A year or so later, we ran into another birding couple who asked our advice on where they might find a room.  I recommended the long, narrow one overlooking the marina.  Oh, no.  It seems they had rented that room and they hated it.  G and I loved it because we had sex in that bed overlooking the marina while the red winter sun went down and the mast lights of moored sailboats bobbed reflections on the water.  I can remember how she looked laying naked in that unique combination of light and reflections.  It was only an adequate, slightly overpriced room to sleep in but it was a wonderful room for fucking.  

That has been a common, pervasive pattern of our life together.  G and I have fucked on a boat in 40-foot seas crossing the Drake Passage, on a riverboat on the Amazon and in a 12’ aluminum boat with a 9 1/2 hp Evinrude on a sink-hole Lake in Florida while a small plane circled overhead and watched.  We fucked in a tent in Africa and in a hotel room facing the Empire State Building all lit up over the Manhattan skyline.  Well, you get the idea.  Its fun to fuck in different places under different circumstances.  It adds another level – another dimension – to every experience.

It can magically turn a shitty little narrow room into a really nice experience.  And a damn good memory.   Sex shouldn’t be something you do. It should be part of who you are.

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